Ashley Grabe Zumbas her way to fitness

Those watching Ashley Grabe teach Zumba might think the 32 year-old has been doing it her whole life. But she actually just took up the fitness program a little over two years ago.

Ashley Grabe, Zumba Instructor
Ashley Grabe, Zumba Instructor

The Zumba instructor, partnering with Back in Line Chiropractic, recently held a free class at the Hiawatha Community Center so that more people could learn the benefits of Zumba Fitness.

Grabe said she started the popular exercise program as a way to lose weight, but soon found out it was a great addition to her life in general.

“I started gaining weight a few years ago and wanted to join an exercise class, but I hesitated because I’d never had much luck with them. I saw a class advertising Zumba and because liked Latin and Salsa dancing, I decided to try it.”

Grabe said she fell in love with it right away.

“I couldn’t believe how much fun it was,” she said. “I found that I didn’t watch the clock like I normally did. And when it was over, I couldn’t wait to do it again. I just couldn’t believe how good I felt.”

She said she attended more Zumba classes and learned the different music and routines.

“Someone told me once that I should become a Zumba instructor, and I thought, why not? I loved to do it and I couldn’t think of anything else I would rather do. I would do Zumba every night if I could.”

Grabe received her certification to teach Zumba in May 2013, after completing a day-long program to learn the steps and teaching methods necessary for certification.

“I had been subbing at the YMCA and continued to do that for a while, but then I decided to take my workout classes to the Shueyville Community Center,” she said. “I’m just trying to get my name out there.”

Together with Alicia Anderson, of Cedar Rapids, Grabe started Dance Club Cardio, which includes Hip Hop, pop, and funk music dance moves.

“We like to use a variety of genres in our classes,” she said.

Grabe, a sales executive with Communications Engineering Company (CEC) in Hiawatha for the past three years, lives in Shueyville with her husband.

Grabe graduated from Kennedy High School in 2000 and earned her Associates of Arts degree in Liberal Arts from Kirkwood Community College. She graduated Capri College and obtained her license in aesthetics.

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