Hiawatha crochet club is a “tight-knit” community

The Friendship Crochet Club shares more than just yarn; they also share stories,  knowledge, and company. The group meets on Wednesday evenings year-round from 6 to 8 p.m. in the Glenn Schminke Community Room at the Hiawatha Public Library, and anyone is welcome to join.

Members of the Friendship Crochet Club keep busy with various projects. (Hiawatha Today Photo File)
Members of the Friendship Crochet Club keep busy with various projects. (Hiawatha Today file photo)

The club was formed about six years ago after a free knitting class was offered at the Hiawatha Library. The class was held for six weeks When it was over, a few members decided to continue on the idea of meeting weekly to create and chat, while sharing their own skills and abilities.

Members bring their own projects and are free to work on whatever they wish. Projects members are currently working on include a dishcloth, afghan, blanket, and bookmarks.  Between 15 to 20 people attend the weekly club meeting and there is always a wide variety of work to admire and learn from.

A selection of the current projects will be donated to the homeless, neonatal care at local hospitals, or even the humane society.

Members of the club range in ages, backgrounds, and hometowns and are from Hiawatha, Cedar Rapids, Center Point, and Independence. The friendships among the group are strong enough to keep them coming out each week though, no matter the weather.

“We come for the companionship, and we come for the learning of new crochet techniques. We help teach each other, and have fun in the process,” said Mary Ann Parker, an artist based in Cedar Rapids and regular member of the club.

Word of mouth and advertisements within the library are the main draws for new members, so it’s no wonder that the feeling of community is so inherent in the room on these Wednesday nights.

New membership is always encouraged. All that’s needed is a crochet hook and a ball of yarn. And if you would rather knit, that’s okay, too.

For questions about the group or how to join, visit the Hiawatha Library, 150 W. Willman, or call them at 319-393-1414.


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