Your Chance to Be Heard

The consulting Firm MSA Professional Services Inc. has been hired by the City of hiawathaHiawatha to gather data on a comprehensive plan update. MSA will hold a public meeting at City Hall in the Multi-Purpose Room on the lower level on April 27 at 7 p.m.

In addition to holding meetings, the Project Team is also using a new tool to help gather the data it needs to formulate a plan.

Crowdsource Mapping allows you to propose ideas for changes to the community and share your vision for the future of Hiawatha.  This tool can be used on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or cell phone. The Project Team will use this data, as well as other community input, to form goals to help move the plan forward.

To use the map, click on the mapping link, which can also be found on the plan’s page. Click on the pen tool (top left corner of the map) if the icons are not showing. The icons shown can be placed on the map to pinpoint where you think something needs improvement, areas you think are eyesores, or landmarks you think are assets to the community.

To map your ideas, simply click on the icon and then click on the spot you want to “drop” it. Once it is in place, you can click on it and add a note to why you chose that icon. You can scroll up or down to zoom in or out, or use the + and – icons to the left.

I put a heart icon (community asset) on the Hiawatha Library, the trail head on Boyson, and Tucker Park, because I believe those places are assets to the community. (There were already hearts on the other two parks.)

I put the “pedestrian improvement” icon on N. Center Point Road, because I think something more needs to be done to warn drivers that bikers don’t always stop as they are crossing W. Willman Street (even though the bikers have a stop sign). The drivers turning right might not see them in time.

I also put the same icon on Emmons St. and N. Center Point Road because there are always bikers crossing in the middle of the road and drivers can’t always see them, either.

I put a transportation icon on Boyson Road because I believe the traffic moves too fast on that road. The speed limit is 35, but many people drive 5 over. With so much traffic on the narrow 2 lane road, it can be a bit frustrating for those who are trying to cross or turn onto Boyson.

I care about Hiawatha and like the direction it is going.  With the help of this mapping tool, even if I can’t attend the meetings, I still have the opportunity to be heard.

For more information go to or visit the City’s website.