Construction Continues in Hiawatha

Hiawatha has contracted with Shive Hattery Engineers and Architects to prepare plans and specifications for the North Center Point Road/Emmons Street/Robins Road Intersection project.

The contractor, Ricklefs Excavating of Anamosa, started work on the Phase I contract. This contract also provides for the extension of “A” Avenue and utility relocations on North Center Point Road.

New water mains and sanitary sewers will be installed along with the new franchise utility trench construction. This will allow all the overhead power lines to be removed and installed underground.

The project is scheduled to be completed sometime in August.

Lanes will be closed on North Center Point Road, as well as part-time road closures on Emmons Street and Robins Road.  Detours will be established and signed to direct traffic.

Hiawatha and the Chicago Central and Pacific Railroad have approved an agreement to replace the existing railroad crossing on Robins Road.

The Chicago Central and Pacific Railroad will do the work, as well as share the cost for the project, estimated to be approximately $50,000.

The work is proposed to take place in late July early August. This will require the closing of Robins Road north of Boyson Road for approximately two weeks. Detours will be established north of Tower Terrace Road and North Center Point Road.

For questions or more information, contact the Hiawatha Engineering Department at 319-393-1515 or at

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