Commitment Key to Keeping Resolutions

A new year, a new opportunity to become a better version of ourselves. For those of us who see the glass half full, the new year is a chance to start again and maybe make better choices during the next 365 days.

But for some, making a New Year’s resolution is difficult. Why make a promise to do something different, if you end up breaking it two weeks later?

Some experts suggest that those making resolutions stop thinking of it in terms of a short fix. Instead of making a resolution to lose 25 pounds, learn to eat healthier and start an exercise routine.

Instead of quitting smoking cold-turkey, try going through a smoking cessation program to get the help and support needed to help you stop smoking for good.

Like anything else, if you’re not ready to change, there’s really no point in trying until you are. When it’s time to change, you’ll know. You’ll become painfully aware that your habit is disrupting your life and want to do something about it.

Besides, there is nothing written that says you have to make a resolution. Take a look at your life. If you think things are great the way they are, there’s no need to change. But if you envision your life to be better than what it is, you should at least look at what’s not working and consider the possibility of change.

Some resolutions tend to keep their popularity year after year. Below are the top New Year’s resolutions for 2017. Will they be yours in 2018?

1. Lose Weight / Healthier Eating                          21.4%
2. Life / Self Improvements                                    12.3%
3. Better Financial Decisions                                   8.5%
4. Quit Smoking                                                          7.1%
5. Do more exciting things                                       6.3%
6. Spend More Time with Family/Friends            6.2%
7. Work out more often                                            5.5%
8. Learn something new on my own                     5.3%
9.  Do more good deeds for others                         5.2%
10. Find the love of my life                                      4.3%
11. Find a better job                                                  4.1%
12. Other                                                                    13.8%

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